John Lewis Christmas Advert #MontyThePenguin

Possibly the sweetest advert you will see this Christmas.

Who hasn't always wanted a pet penguin? I remember visiting London Zoo a few years ago and watched how the penguins would waddle after the zoo attendant, like a dog following it's owner. An adorable penguin is the star of John Lewis' new Christmas Advert, who accompanies a little boy through his everyday adventures. But watching Pingu and sledging through the snow at Christmas, is not enough for Monty the penguin, as he soon wishes he had someone to fall in love with. Watch the ending to see what the little boy gets Monty for Christmas.

The 2014 advert is a departure from last years animated film 'The Bear & The Hare', featuring a bear which had never seen Christmas before. John Lewis always do great Christmas adverts so it's no surprise this years is a winner. Tom Odell provides the soundtrack with his cover of John Lennon's 'Real Love', which goes well with the heart warming mood of the film. This is the time of year that other brands will be bringing out their Christmas adverts too, so watch this space to see if they can compete with Monty the Penguin!

Fore more Monty check out the John Lewis website.

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