Cyprus Winter Holiday

My recent trip to Limassol, Cyprus.

Two weeks ago I came back from a wonderful winter holiday to Limassol in Cyprus and it took me a while to get the photos developed! I stayed at the amazing 4* Atlantica Oasis hotel located 45 minutes away from Larnaca airport. The hotel was better than I expected and featured a swanky bar with live music such as jazz and entertainment daily. It's been years since I've been away on holiday and I forgot how exciting it is! I played bingo for the first time and watched a dramatic fire breathing show, that left me in awe. To finish off each evening, a film was projected outside under the stars and we watched the new Spiderman film for the first time. All drinks were included as we stayed all inclusive and the hotel offered some fabulous cocktails! I basically lived on bucks fizz!

 I'm not one for sun bathing, but Nathan wanted to spend all day everyday lounging under the sun, by the pool. This is not my idea of fun, so I persuaded him to go on a trip up in to the Cypriot mountains, called Love Cyprus booked through Thomson. First stop was the ancient ruins of houses, baths and a huge Colosseum, which over looked the beach. Next stop was Kolossi castle built in medieval times in the 15th century, which Richard the Lionheart once visited many hundreds of years ago. I climbed the narrow claustrophobic stairs until I reached the top and it was worth it for the beautiful view.

The Cyprus Wine Museum was next on our trip and we were taken on a tour detailing how wine was created in ancient times. I had the chance to sample various varieties of wine, although I don't particularly like wine. We then travelled further up in to the mountains and visited three quaint villages. I saw the residents making various national delicacies and we had a traditional lunch of slow cooked lamb, chicken, sweet potato. Then on to our last village for a desert of various jams including quince and fig, with honey fried balls. If you visit the southern part of Cyprus, I would recommend the Love Cyprus trip as its good value for money and you get to see the traditional side including beautiful scenery. Not forgetting the wine tasting, lunch and desert that is also included in the price.

I also visited the Fasouri Water Park in Limassol, which was virtually empty! It was great because there were no queues for the rides. Not being able to swim didn't actually stop me from going on the big fast rides, which scared the hell out of me. It did panic the life guards though ha ha. The food wasn't great so I would recommend taking lunch with you and they didn't have half the food available on the menu.

I booked my winter holiday to Cyprus with Thomson, who offer great last minute deals. The reps in our hotel were great too and were always around when we needed them. I will be covering the books we read on our holiday in one of my next posts, in the meantime check out my holiday photos!


On my way home at Larnaca airport, I ate a Burger King burger bigger than my face! I was pretty impressed with myself, check out my photo at the bottom of the page.

 Hot dog legs

 Banana Daiquiri

Nathan looking very dapper ;)



 Excited about trying Cypriot McDonalds!

 Insomnia by Stephen King

 My Burger King was as big as my head! 
Flying home :(

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  1. The sunglasses in the first photo are wicked. Really love those! Diggin' the black and white window pane asymmetrical skirt, too. I don't have this much style when I travel. Hahaha. I always wish I did, though. It's funny that you can eat so much. I'm the same way and people always look at me and think that I don't each much of anything. You look like you take great care of yourself (as do I). So, why not eat what you love? :D I bet it was a damn good burger, too!

    - Anna

    1. I'm sure you always look amazing when you travel Anna! You always look great! My problem is that I eat too much haha I ate way too much on holiday and I'm trying to burn it off now, before I eat more at Christmas!


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