Chin Chin Lab, Camden

Deep down in Camden Lock, a special shop can be found selling the most unusually made ice cream with the most creative flavour combinations. The Chin Chin Laboratorists is unique in the fact that it is the only ice cream parlour in Europe that uses Liquid Nitrogen to make it's ice cream. With exotic flavour combinations and simple presentation that reminds me of a portion of fish and chips, Chin Chin Labs is a place worth visiting whilst browsing through the markets of Camden.

Royal Birthday Cake & Jelly
Birthday cake flavoured ice cream with elderflower and raspberry jelly,
celebrating the royal birth.

Watermelon & Dill
Muddled watermelons and freeze dried dill.

Peanut Buttered Popcorn
Ice cream studded with popcorn sand.

Sour Rhubarb Soda
Rhubarb and soda sorbet.

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  1. These sound and look amazing - I cant believe I've never been there! x


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