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Chocolate can be your best friend and your worst enemy, with it's inviting rich velvety flavour and fillings that make bars morish with every bite. The chocolate bars on Tumblr blog Scandybars seem to look tastier when sliced in half. Scandybars sources chocolate and sweets from around the world, slices each one in half and then scans them to see the contents. Most of the chocolate bars appear to be more eye catching on the inside with various colours and shapes, almost like mini works of art. It's interesting to see what flavours and varieties are sold in countries around the world, I wish we had M&M's Pretzels and Oreo Cakesters in the UK!

Reece's Peanut Butter cups

Cadburys Screme Egg

Freia Mande Stang (Norway)

Kit Kat Vanilla Ice (Japan)

M&M's Pretzel (USA)

Oreo Cakesters

Twin Bing (USA)

Milky Way Caramel Apple (USA)

Ferrero Egg (Italy)

Rolo Minis

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