23rd Birthday / Rosy Lee Moroccan Restaurant, Leigh-On-Sea

Dress - Mary Katrantzou
Earrings - Topshop
Belt - Bag handle worn as belt
Platform wedge sandals - Primark

Having hardly worn my Mary Katrantzou dress since I won it, I glammed myself up and took the dress out on a birthday spin for my 23rd last weekend. The dress is too big for me and I couldn't a belt that I felt looked good, so I tried on the handle to one of my bags (that I usually wear as a necklace) and it fit perfectly round my waist! I found these amazing black platform wedge sandals in Primark for £12! They look so much more expensive and is something that can be worn casually in the summer, a good multi-tasker. I went out for dinner to a gorgeous Moroccan restaurant Rosy Lee in Leigh-On-Sea, where you can bring your own alcohol. The atmosphere was lively and friendly, you can order Shisha's in a variety of flavours after your meal; but the food was so amazing! I ordered Haute Tagine which is fillet of cod and prawns cooked with red and green peppers, garlic, tomato sauce and coriander, served with Moroccan rice. If your ever in the area, I definitely recommend paying the Rosy Lee a visit! 

 Haute Tagine

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  1. I love your outfits and ypur beautiful face I follow you!

    Check my Blog - mayafoxwithlove.blogspot.cz !

  2. Hey thank you! I love your blog, I'm following you!

  3. ummmmm so on your blog reading you latest post and this was at the bottom as a recommend to read and I had to click to see that dress. This dress is amazing, have you still got it?

    1. Wow I haven't seen this post since I posted it 2 years ago! I look so much better back then haha

      Yes I still have this, it's my fave dress I own! My bf won it for me!

    2. It is a pretty incredible dress. Don't agree with the looking better back then, you still look awesome now.


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