Scrunch or Fold? The Disgusting Debate / Andrex Advert

Sprucing up their advertising campaigns, Andrex have introduced a new TV advert that has left me surprised and baffled. Long gone are the classically recognisable blonde Labrador puppies, frolicking with rolls of soft white toilet paper. Replaced instead, by a series of short snippets of people from various backgrounds stating either 'scrunch' or 'fold'. The first thing that springs to mind; are they talking about their preferred way of wiping their down stairs areas? Could Andrex really be causing a debate about how we wipe ourselves? If so, does it really matter? I don't know about you, but I don't want to talk about how I wipe myself, it's something best left to your own thoughts. The character that stood out the most is captured in the screen shot of the advert on YouTube below; showing a woman provocatively stating 'scrunch' creeps me out the most. The way you clean yourself is definitely NOT sexy.

On the other hand, there is no direct evidence throughout the entire advert to suggest Andrex are definitely talking about wiping your naughty bits. How you blow your nose could be the issue in question here, but still is that provocative? It's more of a subconscious action that is not normally thought about. Maybe that's what Andrex are trying to address; to make the consumer think about a small but essential task, that would require the use of their toilet roll. The mystery behind the underlying meaning will get people talking about the product. Good for Andrex, but not for me. I'm still disturbed about the idea of people talking about how they wipe. I can only hope the advert is about nose blowing.

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