Currywurst / Kurz & Lang Review

Possibly the best currywurst I have tried in London so far...

Although I love my burgers, I still find the time to indulge in German bratwurst sausages every now and then. Since visiting the German town of Leipzig two years ago (time flies by!) I have become a little obsessed with bratwurst and currywurst; the national German fast food. Whilst working in St Pauls a few months back, I found the German bratwurst takeaway Kurz and Lang near Smithfield's market and Farringdon train station.

With all bratwurt sausages being gluten and lactose-free (except the cheese variety), I knew I had to try a Kurz and Lang currywurst as soon as possible. Proud and perky is how Kurz and Lang describe their bratwurst, and I have to say their sausages are very tasty especially covered in German curry sauce! I ordered the currywurst which consisted of sliced bratwurst sausage (81% pork meat), covered in a special curry sauce with fries and a side of sauerkraut (£5.85). For those of you who don't know, sauerkraut is fermented cabbage and tastes amazing! Potatoes and bread are alternative options to chips.

If currywurst isn't your thing, there are various varieties of bratwurst to try such as Rindswurst (pure beef), Krakauer (pork, beef and spices), Kasewurst (pork, beef and cheese), Frankfurter (boiled, pork and beef) and the 11th generation Gourmet Bratwurst (pork and beef).

Overall the Kurz and Lang currywurst was very tasty and the right amount of spice in the curry sauce. If you like very spicy food you may want to ask for more spice, as it might lack the heat. I have tried the currywurst from Kurz and Lang twice now and would recommend anyone to try it! Amazing authentic currywurst food outside of Germany.

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