Quirky Valentine's Day Cards 2015

The most important question you should be asking yourself this week is: 'am I going to bother buying a Valentine's Day card this year?'

The answer to this is yes.

Just look at these fabulous cards on offer! These alone would be enough to win over anyone's heart (including your own) or even get sticky creating a DIY version. Trust me I gave the mix tape card to my other half on our anniversary a few months back and I won major brownie points (it's a real cassette tape).

For more quirky card inspiration check out my 2014 collection of quirky Valentine's Day cards.

Horny Dinosaur Card, £2.95 Newton and the Apple / Etsy (above)

Mix Tape Card, £6 Urban Outfitters

I Choose You Pokemon Card, £2.40 Memeskins / Etsy

Less Than Gin Card, £2.75 Lazy Oaf

God Only Knows Card, £5 Urban Outfitters

Love Note Mini Envelope Card, £6.95 Berylune / Not On The Highstreet

Handsome Mother F***er Card, £2.75 Lazy Oaf

' Love You To Pieces' Magnet Card, £10.50 Clouds and Currents / Not On The Highstreet

You're My Person, £3.50 Urban Outfitters

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