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With just over five weeks to go, you haven't got long to try the new guest burger at Byron which ends the 2nd March (my birthday!).

The cold month of January is inspiration for the added heat in the new Flaming Iceberg burger. Containing 6oz of hamburger, marinated in Byron Hot sauce and topped with dry cure bacon, crispy fried onions, jalapeƱos, shredded iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing, this is certainly one burger which is too hot to handle. I've been building up my spice resistance for the past year as I never could handle the heat before. I have been adding small amounts of chilli and hot sauce with food, as everyone in my family including my other half are big chilli lovers. The result after a year, is that I can finally eat chilli but still only in medium amounts!

I asked for the heat to be toned down in the burger and the chef did pretty well. I enjoyed the slight tingle of spice, along with the crispy onions and ranch dressing. Everything that Byron touches turns to spicy gold! There's something about their burgers which I simply love, whether that's the lack of greasiness in their food or the choice of ingredients that make something simply so good. The Flaming Iceberg is something that heat lovers would adore and needs to be tried!

Holborn wasn't the greatest Byron restaurant I've been to. At least three members of staff asked to see my email voucher for a free bottle of Byron hot sauce (when ordering the Flaming Iceburg burger during the month of January), due to me being a Byron Burger Club member. Apparently you're suppose to print off the voucher, however there is no where on the email that states this. I ended up leaving with the free hot sauce and the realisation that I actually rather like my usual St Pauls location of Byron.


6oz hamburger, Byron Hot Sauce, dry cure bacon, crispy fried onions, jalapeƱos, shredded iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing £9.95

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