Vagabond: Kings Of Customer Service

The most unfortunate thing happened recently, my beloved Vagabond Dioon zip boots that I wore 90% of the time cracked and broke. Two large cracks appeared in the sole which broke my heart, as they were the most perfect boots in my eyes! I know I sound like a drama queen but it's actually really hard to find a decent pair of boots! In a panic I contacted Vagabond to see if they could repair the boots and they swiftly replied with an amazing response. They were going to send me a replacement pair from their collection as they no longer had the zip style in stock! I was incredibly happy as I love Vagabond shoes; their designs are unique with a 90's vibe and they are very good quality. I was sad to say goodbye to my zip boots, but have welcomed my new Vagabond's with open arms.

 It just goes to show, some brands such as Vagabond care about their customers and provide amazing customer service as well as great shoes.

The last time I wore my Vagabond Dioon Zip Boots :(

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  1. It's a shame about your original ones, but how fantastic were they to send you a new pair! I love the updated ones! x

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    1. I know it's lovely of them to do that! Nice to know some brands listen to their customers :)


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