Crazy For Chokers

I've gone crazy for the latest nineties throwback.

Black, velvet and a statement piece, chokers give off a gothic vibe from the 90's era. Growing up in the nineties, I remember inserting coins in to machines and waiting for my small plastic case to pop out containing my latest 'tattoo' choker necklace. I had all kinds of colours and styles, including ones with beads and matching sets of rings and bracelets. A couple of months ago I found my pearl choker necklace I made last year using plastic pearls sewn together and it sparked a question, where are all my old chokers? After hunting every box in every corner of the house, I realised I had stuck them all on to the base of my old lava lamp, which is no where to be seen! If your having the same problem, don't spend over a fiver on a tattoo necklace that cost 50p back in the day, go to your nearest haberdashery and get some black velvet. Tie it round your neck plain or stick something on to it. That's what I'm doing! Or if your lazy check out these chokers in the shops!

(I'm too obsessed with making gifs, hope you like it!)

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