Skulls and Roses

Denim jacket with spikes - Ragged Priest
Hat customised with earrings - Topshop
Boots - Topshop

I bought this wonderful denim jacket from the Ragged Priest sample sale near where I live. Although it's massively too big for me as it's mens, it's so much more warmer than my fur jacket and goes with everything in my wardrobe! I do worry that I might poke people with the spikes on my shoulder but so far no one has complained! The skull top is worn backwards and was actually my favourite top when I was ten years old, but fits me like a crop top now. I was having a bad hair so decided to stick a hat on to cover my unruly fringe, so I found this pink beanie in my sock draw. I thought it looked a bit plain so I stuck a couple earrings through it and made it look more interesting!

I had to call the hair ambulance today to clear up my major hair disaster! My bob has grown quite a bit and because I couldn't afford to go to the hair dresser, my mum suggested she cut it for me as she used to do my sister's hair when she was little. It was a baaaaaad idea! I ended up with the most wonkiest style with random lengths of hair which looked as if a three year old had been at it. I've never cried over something so silly in my entire life! I booked an emergency appointment to the hairdressers, where the whole salon crowded round to stare with amazement and laughter at my terrible hair. It's sorted now and looks really nice, but the lesson I've learnt is this: never believe someone who says they can cut hair unless they are qualified! Silly me!

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