Crystal Fighters

After buying my tickets for Love Box (in two weeks time!) I searched some of the bands I've never heard of, to listen to their music. I love discovering new music and it's only polite to know at least one song of each act playing if your going to a festival. I think so anyway! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I absolutely love Crystal Fighters! I couldn't quite understand how I hadn't listened to them before, although I did recognise 'Champion Sound' and 'Wave' as I'm sure you would if you are new to them too. Funky, dance beats, with smooth vocals and a folky Basque twist; Crystal Fighters produce unique music that makes you want to move your feet.

'Follow' taken from the album 'Cave Rave', features an amazing music video directed by Ian Pons Jewell. Created using a hypnotic and innovative animation technique, the video mirrors the frantic repetitive music and displays a unique piece of film making. I would love to try something like this myself!

Check out the rest of Crystal Fighters' music videos on their Vimeo page, you certainly won't be disappointed!

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