The Eden Conference / Southend Passionate Women

On a beautiful sunny morning in Southend-On-Sea, I attended a wonderful conference for Passionate Women in Southend two weeks ago at the Cliffs Pavilion. Vibrant and energetic, the passionate women warmly welcomed newcomers along with old faces to the first conference of it's kind to the seaside town. Started by ambitious founder Adriana, Southend Passionate Women meet up on a monthly basis to inspire, collaborate, celebrate and support each other. The Eden conference was pulled together successfully in two months and was an action packed day full of motivation, personal stories and workshops.

After song and dance to Yolanda Adams' 'I Believe', the conference kicked off with the uplifting poem 'Passionate Women' by poet Susan Giles. Author Kym Cifti gave an inspirational talk on the dangers of fear overshadowing confidence and business woman Jill Poet spoke about the role of women and believing in yourself to create positive changes, inspired by Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

One of my favourite talks of the day was by activist Anna Heim, who educated us on the beginnings of the women's rights movement and the transitional changes that occurred as a result. One unbelievable thing I learnt, is that women were refused to be served at pubs in England at the beginning of the 1980s!!!

Blogger Jamillah Yoozooph gave an interesting talk on living a life of minimalism; something I've been thinking of ever since. Jamillah's personal journey to finding minimalism after her materialist ways, made me realise that my own hoarding is masking a potential void. Therefore I plan on completely cleansing my possessions of things I do not need or have worn in the past year. I have too many clothes I have built up over the years from bargain hunting; edgy tops I have never worn from sales, various blouses from charity shop hunts and stacks of cheap jewellery that have turned silver / green. What's the point of keeping things that are taking up precious space or filling a void in your life? Read more about minimalistic living on Jamillah's Bare Beginnings blog.

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