Bloody Mary Jewellery

Images via Bloody Mary, photography by Grace Isobel

Heavy metal inspired and unique in style, the secret to Bloody Mary seems to be in the simplicity of the design. Founded in Cornwall by Lucy Wilson, all Bloody Mary jewellery is hand made and cast from 100% silver. Lucy created pieces she could not find herself; using her love for heavy metal to guide her through inspirations of the unusual, skulls, bones and the world around us.

'The Dream Weavers Collection' AW13 contains symbols inspired by alchemy and the 'all seeing eye', which has roots in Freemasonry and originates from Ancient Egypt. Feathers compliment delicate dream weavers, daggers decorate necklines and classically designed topaz rings have been introduced. Alongside each item is a short description of the background and inspiration behind the piece, a nice touch. The lookbook was shot by photographer Grace Isobel. Dark and earthy, the woodland location gives a witchy feel and embodies the essence of the brand.

For the complete lookbook, click here.

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The Tooth, £82

The Antler, £72

Dream Weaver Necklace, £100

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