The Conjuring Film Review

Being a film maker I love to watch as many films as possible, usually obscure art house titles, experimental films and anything that doesn't fit the typical 'Hollywood' mould. However I am obsessed with horror films and I have yet to find on that scares me. 99.9% of the horror films I have seen, have poorly written story lines, the ghosts or monsters are not real enough for me to believe and they simply have not kept me up all night shivering with terror.

The Conjuring is an example of a very good film. It didn't keep me up all night but it did make me paranoid of the wardrobe before I switched the lights off. Based on a true story, the Warrens are a husband and wife team of paranormal investigators, who are approached by a family of seven to investigate the disturbances in their home. It's worth looking up the Warrens as they have conducted many investigations including footage and interviews of some of the exorcisms and paranormal activity they have witnessed. If you plan on seeing it, expect non stop action and suspense.

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