Secret Garden Party Festival 2013

In the midst of the countryside in Cambridgeshire last weekend, the town of Huntingdon hosted a weekend of probably the most experimental, fun and varied festival the UK has to offer. Secret Garden Party is a wonderful mix of art, culture, music and fancy dress, all bundled together with a sprinkling of glitter. Inhibitions are lost as soon as you walk through the entrance, as anything is possible within the grounds dotted with a mixture of music tents in a wide variety of genres, secret passage ways and lakes. Saturday night is the biggest of the festival as it includes the ceremonial burning of a large structure built to suit the yearly theme, secured in the centre of the main lake. After the burning ship and fireworks, I manage to catch 2ManyDJs and Faithless who were amazing live!

I went to Secret Garden Party to film with the founder and main presenter of Pinch TV for Virtual Festivals. I'm currently editing the videos and will post a link when they are up! With too many words to describe Secret Garden Party, browsing through the photos below will give you a better understanding of the magical experience.

'Annie Mac' from Anna Maes

The food stalls offered a wide variety of dishes and cuisines, from lobster rolls to bubble tea. I regret not buying a lobster roll but I did manage to find Anna Maes, a street market stall serving southern macaroni and cheese with different toppings. I've always wanted to eat here so I bought the 'Annie Mac', which is macaroni in a three cheese sauce with no toppings. Other varieties include 'The Kanye Western' with beef hot dog, home made BBQ sauce and chives and 'The Spicy Juan' with chipotle, jalapeƱos, sour cream and coriander. I definitely recommend sampling Anna Mae's cheesy goodness in a tub. Carb worthy. 

Film Crew

Velvet and leather spiked dress - Ragged Priest
Gold head piece - E A Burns
Beetle necklace - H&M
Tassel bag - Primark
Jelly shoes - JuJu

I found this amazing head piece in the Secret Emporium, at a stall called E A Burns who design quirky ethical jewellery made primarily from reclaimed leather, and pieces that stand out from the crowd. Check out their collection!

Bikini top - DIY
Denim shorts - Vintage
Jelly shoes - JuJu
Sunglasses - Topshop

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