Monster Mash / Halloween Pumpkins 2012

With my favourite time of the year over and done with, my carved pumpkin rotting and my wig hanging off the wardrobe, it's time to reflect back on Halloween. All I can think about is how I'm going to throw a massive party next year, as I'm convinced I will somehow have my own place!

I wanted to dress up as something other than a zombie and look different from everyone else so decided to go as a mummy Cleopatra. Looking online for outfits proved difficult, as everything seemed either slutty or crappy looking! I ended up going to Primark and buying a white sleeveless top in a large size that was longer at the back, which ended up being a dress on me. I also bought the necklace from Primark and went to Sancto's for the wig and head band. The wig looked nothing like the photo on the packet! It was much longer and wilder! I think the bob suits me so I'm growing out my undercut so I can cut all my hair off. So far I've been growing the patch of hair for 6 weeks and it doesn't seem that long, I'll be waiting at least a year to for it to reach bob length!

My friend Dee went as cat woman in her leather trousers and leather jacket, topped off with a high pony tail and cat mask. She certainly looked like a naughty minx! Meooooow.

Pumpkin Carving

We kicked off pumpkin carving night with the 'Monster Mash', scooping and swaying at the same time. By the time 'Ghostbusters' came on, we were too engrossed with the intricate details of our design without noticing how dangerously close we were to slicing our eyeballs. As usual I like to go all out, so I decided to make a design on two sides of the pumpkin: traditional scary face and a witch on a broomstick silhouette. By the time I had finished, there was pumpkin flesh flung far across the room including a lump landing in my wine glass! Nathan out did me by carving the outline of a wolf's face growling. I personally thought it looked a bit like Tony the tiger from the Frosties adverts, ggrrrrrreaaaaat! Still better than mine though! Next year I'll win for sure.

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