Collar up and get warm! / Winter Fashion

Keeping warm may not be discreet or trendy especially when your upper body resembles a tinselled slinky, however the recent trend for collars has added something new to the table and textures have replaced the sea of 'beaded embellishment' that has dominated the statement piece. Not only can you add a collar to practically anything (including already collared clothing), they can be used to dress up a simple t-shirt whilst keeping your collar bones discreetly warm. For added 'wow' factor, add collar tips with connecting chains instead  of jewellery for a look that shows your serious, yet edgy.

Faux Pony Leather Collar, £22, Topshop (above)

Knitted Collar Necklace, £25, Sessun

Pointed Metallic-Leather Collar, £140, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Wolf Collar Tips, £14, Topshop

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