'50 Shades of Babe' The Ragged Priest A/W 12

The A/W 12 collection has just been released from the popular vintage brand The Ragged Priest, showcasing an array of berry toned colour, tartan, military and leather trends and an interesting 90s hip hop, boho vibe with the hair and make up. Leather and denim are always prominent staples within The Ragged Priest collections, based around a tough aesthetic for girls who love vintage clothing with an individual edge. Tie dye has always been incorporated too; using different techniques each time and in this case, denim sleeves are separated, tie dyed then sewed back on to the original jackets. This has inspired me to try something like this myself, possibly with leggings or t-shirts, removing panels or cutting the garment in half and only dying one half before sewing everything back originally together. I'm going to give this a try at some point this week and post up a DIY tutorial.

Plum tones and berry hues compliment the leather on jacket, shorts and dresses reflecting Jean Paul Gaultier's take on the A/W Gothic trend.

Karlie Kloss modelling Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 12/13

The models hair and make up reflect the clothing of the collection; fun, playful and unique. Tie dye is not restricted to just clothing, hair is tinted with bubblegum and mint shades.I will be definitely wearing my hair in the Jasmine from Aladdin style ponytails the models are sporting along with the large gold hoop earrings and berry lips. The bindi's are reminscent of the 90s, channeling Gwen Stefani with a laid back, punk hippy vibe. Bindi's can instantly transform a look especially if you don't wear a lot of jewellery, I like to think of it as jewellery for the face! They can be easy to lose so I normally carry nail glue in case it becomes loose or falls off. The berry toned lips are very striking, I have a very dark plum shade from Mac called Cyber; however you cannot see the plummy tone as it's too dark so it could be mixed with a pinky colour, or even line your lips with the dark tone and fade in to the lighter colour in the style of The Ragged Priest models.

Cyber Lipstick

The fur lined parkas have been given a Ragged twist by adding camouflage, denim and spiked studs in a nod to the military A/W trend. The leather sleeves work well with the khaki shades and camo prints, which seem to be everywhere right now. For a different take on the look opt for the light blue denim sleeves which has a less tougher edge yet still stands out from the leather sleeved crowd.

Ragged have a knack for creating unique pieces that blur the clothing lines; they have taken the pretty standard aran cardigan and completely transformed it in to a jacket-like essential for winter. The leather studded sleeves add jacket like qualities without imposing the warmth of the cardigan. This is my must have item for A/W and is something I'll be saving up for. I could even possibly make it myself?

'50 Shades of Babe' sums up the collection perfectly as they have taken the essentials leather and denim, and created a collection which incorporates various ways of using each material. Mixing it up with studs, camo print, khakis and berry hues; therefore creating different shades of essentials and feeling like a total fashion forward babe wearing any piece from the brand. With the likes of Rihanna and Jessie J constantly wearing the recognisable Ragged designs, the brand will continue in popularity and hopefully there will be lots more heavily studded leather to come.


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